Anaïs Héraud — Till Baumann

Anaïs Héraud is a performer and visual artist based in Berlin. She is working solo and in collaboration with other performance artists, dancers and musicians developing her practice around Europe. She's mainly showing her work in international performance/ing art(s) festivals. In Berlin, she has initiated and co-organise since 2013 the Berlin trimestrial event "Reflektor" in the art venue Westgermany ( She is an active member of APAB (Association for Performance Art Berlin) and curator of the Month of Performance Art-Berlin ( She has initiated the Berlin-based female collective "dealing with normative gaze in performance art".

Till Baumann is a musician, a sound artist and theatre director based in Berlin, working mainly in Europe and Latin America. His musical background is Brazilian percussion. The aesthetic theory and practice of the Brazilian Augusto Boal plays an important role in his work on sound, in solo projects and collaborations as well as in workshop formats with groups. Experimentation with the sound of everyday objects as well as with sounds produced by images and actions are the focus of his performance work.

Héraud/Baumann have been working and performing together since 2012.